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Architectural theory PDF
By:David Smith Capon
Published on 1999-03-10 by Academy Editions Ltd

The two volumes of Architectural Theory bring together the fundamental elements of architecture and present them in a new and accessible format. The books define the areas of knowledge necessary for successful design and criticism and, for the first time in the history of architectural literature, integrate all the concepts to form a balanced and comprehensive whole. Volume One, A History of the Categories in Architecture and Philosophy, establishes the framework of architectural theory. The author presents a systematic analysis of what constitutes ‘good’ architecture in the West, tracing the history of architectural theory through the metaphysics of ancient Greece, the doctrines of early and medieval Christianity, up to the concepts and ‘categories’ of modern philosophy. The twentieth century has seen more building and more analysis of building than any other. Volume Two, Principles of Twentieth-century Architectural Theory Arranged by Category, focuses on the recent fragmentation of architectural theory into distinct doctrines. Formalism, minimalism, mannerism, functionalism, rationalism, brutalism, positivism, romanticism, expressionism, classicism, constructivism, organicism, modernism, futurism, radicalism, deconstructivism, historicism, post-modernism – each movement has influenced the shape of architectural thinking over the last century. Principles of Twentieth-century Architectural Theory Arranged by Category analyses each in turn and places each in context. The volumes are liberally illustrated with representative buildings of the period and include a glossary of terms, a thesaurus, an annotated guide to further reading as well as diagrammatic links connecting themes across both volumes. The two volumes, whether studied together or individually, will prove invaluable to students of architecture and related disciplines.

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Download Architectural theory Free

Download Architectural theory PDF

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