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The Granny Nanny PDF
By:Lois Young-Tulin
Published on 2005-05-31 by iUniverse

Think about it. In order to be grandmothers we once had to be mothers. After giving birth, we, as the mothers, were responsible for our baby’s/child’s well being. As grandmothers, on the other hand, we have choices. Our roles are open for interpretation and conscious choices. When I became a grandmother, and even when my daughters-in-law were pregnant, I made a conscious decision to be an involved grandmother, one of the caretakers or a Granny-Nanny. I was sure that helping out and taking care of a baby would be easy like getting back on a bicycle after a twenty-year lapse. Oh, how wrong I was. There are new rules, new products, new findings and plenty of taboos. How did my three children ever survive their hazardous childhoods? Parenting rules have gone through some serious revisions since author Lois Young-Tulin raised her kids. In her helpful guide, The Granny Nanny, Young-Tulin offers a unique opportunity for today’s grandmas to hone their skills and learn the twenty principles for successful grandmothering in a modern world.

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Download The Granny Nanny Free

Download The Granny Nanny PDF

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