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By:Alexandros Nikolaou Tompazēs
Published on 2010 by Images

In many cases one can substitute the word `architecture’ or `architect’ with a number of other disciplines and occupations – many of the ideas that I present well fit other facets of life. Although the backbone of my writings refers to ecology, sustainability and climatically sensitive design, the point I wish to stress is that these issues are not something of a different order. As I see things, there is one and only one architecture, which has to be comprehensive and encompassing of all that architecture comprises. Many of the thoughts developed touch on subjects that are often self-evident and, I believe to many, already well known. They are presented, however, as a total and personal experience of practising and learning for a little more than half a century. I have never taught, and the thoughts presented here, not necessarily in a systematic sequence, are more a recounting of different experiences over time that I have found interesting and thought-provoking. Tombazis and Associates, Architects take the famous adage, less is more, and use it as the basis for their philosophy, which can be summed up as, less is beautiful. In reference to the saying of Mies van der Rohe, less in this instance implies that a conscious and well-judged decision for the appropriate minimum in each design can produce architectural beauty. This is reflected in the projects presented in this book. Millions of pilgrims flock to Fatima in Portugal every year – it is one of the world’s most visited holy shrines. A new church building was needed to accommodate up to 9000 people. The Church of the Most Holy Trinity was completed in 2007 for use at Sunday mass. The key challenge was to create a building that, despite its size, would blend unobtrusively into the historical site, and also offer the possibility of being used for other cultural or religious purposes.

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Download On Architecture Free

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