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Church Is a Day Care PDF
By:Dr. Kingsley K. Onumbu
Published on 2010-04-29 by Xlibris Corporation

The messages in this powerful spiritual book, invite strong opinions, since the book seemly a JUDGMENT BOOK FOR ALL HUMAN RACE. Church is a daycare is a revelation of the lost information in the theology studies. Churches are not a kingdom of God and a Kingdom of God is not a kingdom of man. The Kingdom of Ceasar belongs to Ceasar and his children and the kingdom of God belongs to God and his children. Jesus said, give to Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar and Give to God what belongs to God. This book will help you to know where you belong. Are you of Ceasar or are you of God? The Kingdom of Ceasar is not a Kingdom of God. The hour has come when the true worshipers of God will worship in spirit and in truth. Get this book to help you know who you are. The Chapters in this wonderful book are: Chapter 1: The Beginning Chatper 2: Adam and Eve Chapter 3: The Flesh Eating Behavior Chapter 4: Churches and Their Divisions Chapter 5: Religious Leaders Chapter 6: Jesus Christ and His Birth Chapter 7: How to Follow Christ Chater 8: The Walk of the Holy Spirit Chatper 9: The Crop of Their Drain-MONEY Chapter 10: The Holy Marriage Chapter 11: The Stream of Love Chatper 12: Where is Heaven Chapter 13: Who Are You Chapter 14: Death is a Transfer Chapter 15: Effective Prayer Chapter 16: Cash-Flow

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Download Church Is a Day Care PDF Free

Download Church Is a Day Care Books Free

Download Church Is a Day Care Free

Download Church Is a Day Care PDF

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