Book What If … Workbook PDF Free

What If … Workbook PDF
By:Gwen W. Morgan
Published on 2014-10-27 by CreateSpace

WHAT IF something unexpected were to happen to you: a fire, a flood, a death … does your family know about your finances, where your important documents are stored, your final wishes, your family medical history, who you’d like them to contact? If you’re single, does anyone know about your ‘stuff’? If you’re married, and you take care of the household affairs, does your spouse have a clue as to what bank you use? Or if your spouse takes care of the finances, do YOU know how to access their IRA? The What if … Workbook(c) is a unique fill-in-the-blank organizational guide that leads you through the necessary steps for organizing all that is imperative to have in one central location. It serves as a valuable resource for families to begin communication about issues that can be difficult to address. Give the Gift of Preparedness to Your Loved Ones!

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Download What If … Workbook PDF Free

Download What If … Workbook Books Free

Download What If … Workbook Free

Download What If … Workbook PDF

Download What If … Workbook Books

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