Book Two Arabic Travel Books PDF Free

Two Arabic Travel Books PDF
By:Ahmad Ibn Fadlan,Abu Zayd al-Sirafi
Published on 2014-12-08 by NYU Press

|Two Arabic Travel Books combines two exceptional exemplars of Arabic travel writing, penned in the same era but chronicling wildly divergent experiences. Accounts of China and India is a compilation of reports and anecdotes on the lands and peoples of the Indian Ocean, from the Somali headlands to China and Korea … In this account, we first travel east to discover a vivid human landscape, including descriptions of Chinese society and government, Hindu religious practices, and natural life from flying fish to Tibetan musk-deer and Sri Lankan gems. The juxtaposed accounts create a jigsaw picture of a world not unlike our own, a world on the road to globalization … In Mission to the Volga, we move north on a diplomatic mission from Baghdad to the upper reaches of the Volga River in what is now central Russia. This colorful documentary by Ibn Faḍlān relates the trials and tribulations of an embassy of diplomats and missionaries sent by caliph al-Muqtadir to deliver political and religious instruction to the recently-converted King of the Bulghārs … Mission to the Volga is also the earliest surviving instance of sustained first-person travel narrative in Arabic–a pioneering text of peerless historical and literary value|–

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Download Two Arabic Travel Books PDF Free

Download Two Arabic Travel Books Books Free

Download Two Arabic Travel Books Free

Download Two Arabic Travel Books PDF

Download Two Arabic Travel Books Books

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