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Kitschy Crafts PDF
By:Jo Packham,Matt Shay
Published on 2006 by Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

It’s fun, it’s retro—and it’s back in style. Take a fond look back at the kitschy crafts of the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, from crocheted doilies to shell-art nightlights. All these nostalgic creations appear in appropriately fashioned period settings that will captivate browsers, and come with instructions for those who just can’t resist creating their own string-art pictures, pink flamingo items, far-out tie dyes, kooky candles, macramé plant hangers, and the one-time must-have on every coffee table: a resin-cast grape cluster. And, of course, who can live without the hottest toy of all? The Sock Monkey Doll. Everyone will have a blast poring over these—even those who have never made a craft in their lives.

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Download Kitschy Crafts PDF Free

Download Kitschy Crafts Books Free

Download Kitschy Crafts Free

Download Kitschy Crafts PDF

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